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iGetter Suddenly Stopped Downloading .rar Files For No Reason
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05-17-2015 05:11 AM

Posted by:

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Greetings....I just recently downloaded your most recent trial version of iGetter v. 2.9.3 and I must say that on day 1, I was very impressed with the quality and speed of how it works. I am very familiar with its inner workings and am an expert in its settings structure. I specifically use it to download a bunch of .rar files (about 700-900mb each) from a hosting site that I frequently use. I think I managed about a dozen or so downloads with iGetter.

The problem, unfortunately, started on Day 2, when, without changing any of the settings and picking up from where I left off with downloading .rar files from the same site I always used, iGetter suddenly stopped downloading .rar files in full. Instead, iGetter would now complete a download (that usually took 4-5 minutes) in 1 second and claimed to be finished when in reality, only a minuscule 16kb empty .rar file was created.

Why did iGetter suddenly stop downloading .rar files on Day 2, when on Day 1 it worked perfectly? I was actually about to purchases a $25.00 license on the 2nd day when iGetter started to fail. Mind you, this has NOTHING to do with the hosting site I'm using, since I use a few other internet download managers with this very same site without any issues, so it's a iGetter problem.

I thought, at first, that perhaps, you put a download limit that prohibits users from downloading more than certain amount of large .rar files during the trial period, but I noticed on your ABOUT section that you say we are free to use the trial version as long as we need to, so why, then, would there be a limit to how many large .rar files we can download? (If, that is indeed the case). Would that limit be lifted upon purchasing a $25.00 license?

Please explain what's going on, as I am ready to purchase an iGetter license so I may continue to download 700-900mb .rar files as I did on the first day I started using iGetter.

I'm using an 2012 iMac, OSX Mavericks, with a fast ethernet connection, so I am baffled to why iGetter has stopped downloading .rar files after just one day.

Thank you....S

05-17-2015 05:21 AM

Posted by:

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One more thing....

Forgot to mention, that I used Safari 7.1.5. during this time.

11-19-2015 05:43 AM

Posted by:

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Having the same problem. Been using iGetter for ages and now all of a sudden I get the exact problems you're having.

No wonder they give it away free... I wouldn't pay for it if this is the shit quality. I want it to do a simple thing that it did the day before I upgraded to El Capitan. But now it's just churning out tiny files and not downloading anything as it use to.

11-20-2015 06:33 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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@Andrew, posting on multiple threads may only confuse those who visit this forum. Initial user "Seymour" uses Mavericks and you use El Capitan (in another thread you state that "it [iGetter] was perfect with Yosemite"). For your problem, see

iGetter Support

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