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[Solved] Firefox 57 plug-in?
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11-14-2017 06:22 PM

Posted by:

Will there be a plug-in update to support Firefox 57 and afteR?

11-15-2017 06:38 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Indeed, Firefox 57 deprecated all current (XUL) addons and adopted a new WebExtensions API used in Chrome. We're working on a new iGetter (Mac) release that will support Firefox 57, but other bugs in High Sierra postpone the new version. We already released a compatible version for Windows and I hope that Mac version will not be delayed too much.

You can also add a new URL by using some of the following methods:
1. Copy some link in your browser then paste it in iGetter by menu Edit > Paste (Cmd+V).
2. Drag&drop some download link on the iGetter Dock icon.

iGetter Support

Update: The next post explains how to install the WebExtension addon manually for iGetter v2.9.5 and earlier.

Update [06/26/2018] - iGetter v2.9.6 installs a new WebExtension addon automatically. See:

11-16-2017 06:37 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Update 2018-06-26 - iGetter v2.9.6 will install automatically a new Firefox extension called "iGetter Extension" (v2.9.6) listed under the main "Extensions" panel of Firefox addons page (ignore the one listed in "Legacy Extensions", which is not important). See

Users that followed the instructions below, have to remove the "iGetter WebExtension" (v2.7.5) from Firefox addons page (Cmd+Shift+A):

Original post: If you can't wait the iGetter v2.9.6 release, you may install the following extension which is included in the Windows version of iGetter v2.7.5. Don't forget to remove this extension when you update iGetter to version 2.9.6 on your Mac, otherwise you may get two iGetter contextual menus.

1. Download the following file and unzip (double click) it in your user "Downloads" folder:

The json file points to the "/Applications/iGetter 2.9.5/" folder. If iGetter is installed somewhere else, then you need to edit that file (it's in plain text) with the path to where iGetter is installed.

Then in your Terminal app issue the following one line command:

mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/Mozilla/NativeMessagingHosts; cp ~/Downloads/com.presenta* ~/Library/Application\ Support/Mozilla/NativeMessagingHosts

2. Download iGetter 2.7.5 WebExtension and drag&drop it on Firefox addons page:

3. When prompted enable the addon:

You should see these iGetter CM commands:

To disable iGetter integration temporarily, use contextual menu command "iGetter" > "Disable Integration". This command takes effect immediately.

11-19-2017 10:44 PM

Posted by:

Thanks, the work-around worked perfectly.

Looking forward to the new native version.

04-18-2018 11:29 AM

Posted by:
Sheldon McLean

An error in Terminal

I followed directions above, but get this error in Terminal:
"cp: /Users/-------/Downloads/com.presenta*: No such file or directory"

Was I supposed to change the 'asterisk' to something else? Was I supposed to substitute something in for the 'tilda' character?

Thanks in advance.

04-25-2018 04:40 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

1. Make sure that the "" is in your user Downloads folder.
2. You need to unzip it (double click on it). A file called "com.presenta.igetter_messaging_host.json" should appear in your Downloads folder. The json file points to the "/Applications/iGetter 2.9.5/" folder. If iGetter is installed somewhere else, then you need to edit that file (it's in plain text) with the path to where iGetter is installed.
3. The Terminal command is a single line (followed by Enter key):

mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/Mozilla/NativeMessagingHosts; cp ~/Downloads/com.presenta* ~/Library/Application\ Support/Mozilla/NativeMessagingHosts

If you omit point 1 or 2 you will get "No such file or directory" error, as in your case.

06-08-2018 11:17 PM

Posted by:

iGetter extension/Firefox Quantum

I followed your instructions. iGetter has well been added into Legacy Firefox Quantum 60.0.2 extensions, unfortunately it is disabled.
It says "these extensions do not meet current Firefox standards so they have been deactivated", and ask to find a replacement...

06-12-2018 09:45 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

If you've followed the instructions in the third post, then you should have "iGetter WebExtension" listed in the Firefox "Extensions" panel (Cmd+Shift+A). The old "iGetter Extension" listed in the "Legacy Extensions" panel is not important, so you may ignore it (actually that's the point of this thread after all).

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