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Endless iGetter Waiting/Connecting status
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09-25-2005 05:56 PM

Posted by:
Antoine Dozois

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I am a newbie just setting up. I got to the point where I get an endling waiting...connecting...waiting...connecting merry-go-round. But no download. What am I doing wrong? I have DSL and an iBook G4. Thanks.

09-26-2005 07:17 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Hello Antoine,
You can see the reason for a waiting/broken state of any download if you open the transfer details panel, then choose the "Segments" tab. Now start some download and select the first segment. Immediately after the iGetter request you will see the reason (error) for the waiting/broken state. See an example screenshot here:

If you see:

1. "401 Authorization required" error: This HTTP error means that you must enter a password for this URL before to download it. To do so, pause the download. Double click on it to open its "Item Settings" dialog. Then choose Advanced tab panel and enter your user info for this download. You can do this for each new download at the New URL dialog, or you can enter your user info once in the iGetter "Site Manager" preferences (menu "iGetter" -> "Preferences").

2. Network error 64: Check your firewall rules. Also, switch off the 'Test connection status' option in the iGetter Connections preferences to tell iGetter not to test any available PPP modem connections.
Configure your Internet interface connection as prior from the System Preferences->Network->Active Network ports-> Set first the interface connection that goes to the Internet.

3. Look at if the error is not listed above.

iGetter Support

10-21-2005 09:03 PM

Posted by:

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YouSendIt issues?

i'm havin waiting/connecting loop problems as well. i'm trying to download YouSendIt files and it constantly bombs out on the transfers. they start fine and just stop and never resume. these are some of the messages...

"the server wants to redirect to a secondary server"

"cannot resume"

this seems to only really happen to files. is these a known bug? i'm also noticing that the files names in the program get changed to things like "attachment;", "attachment; 1", "direct 2.aspx" etc.

any advice?

10-24-2005 08:18 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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It seems that applies some restrictions over the connections made to their servers. Also, they use the "Content-Disposition: attachment" method, but without a file name field, so iGetter doesn't know how to rename the file. This method is rarely used and in most of the cases it doesn't allow resuming.

However, files in most of the times can be resumed fine, but sometimes (for some reason) server refuses to resume the file ending with a "d.aspx" location like this .

So we recommend you to add "" site at iGetter preferences, Site Manager panel and limit the connections to 1. If you still receive the error: "The server reports it cannot resume the download now." with a "d.aspx" location, you need to change the download URL to the original one from the Items Settings dialog. Just copy the current "d.aspx" URL, paste it in your browser and get the original URL. Then you will be able to resume the file.

iGetter Support

11-14-2005 06:43 AM

Posted by:

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More on YouSendIt

There is one more VITAL thing to know about the way YouSendIt works: when you select a download, it puts a cookie in your browser with an expiry time of 1 minute. You have to send that cookie back to the server with the download request before it expires.

When you first start the download that's no problem. But if the download stops and you want to resume it, the original cookie has expired. So if iGetter tries to resume the download with the old cookie it gets the "cannot resume now" message.

The trick is to set iGetter so it does NOT try to resume automatically. When the download stops, open the ORIGINAL YouSendIt link in your browser again (the one that you were sent telling you where to go to download the file). As soon as the page has opened, close it again before it tries to download the file again from the start. That's enough to get a fresh cookie. Now go to iGetter, select the stalled download and click "Start". It should resume OK, as it now sends the fresh cookie with the resume request.

You will need to make sure you have the following settings in your iGetter preferences:

- On the Connections tab, set "Reconnect after error" to 0 to prevent iGetter automatically trying to resume.

- On the Acceleration tab set the "Default number of segments" to 1 (or use the Site Manager to set the maximum number of connections to 1 for If you don't do this, once iGetter has finished getting one segment it will try to start a new one, but the cookie will have expired so the request will fail and you will never get the whole file.

- On the Integration tab, make sure "Send cookies from browser" is ticked.

- On the Advanced tab make sure "Automatically rename redirected files" is UNticked. You will then find that the downloaded file should have the right name.

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