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Don't understand download limits
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11-06-2005 02:13 AM

Posted by:

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There seem to be two download limits that can affect the number of active files being retrieved.

On the General tab "Max simultaneous downloads"
and on the site manager tab "Mac connections"

I set the Max downloads to something reasonable like "10" and started a bunch of DLs from EasyNews. Easynews is set to 3 connections in the site manager. Three files become "active" and 7 files go to "waiting" status.

I then clicked on a link in my browser (for 10.4.3 update from Apple) and a disk image was added to iGetter's queue with a "pending" status. Why isn't this file downloading? There are 10 available download spots and I don't understand why 7 of them are taken up with a files in "waiting" status on a server that doesn't allow more than three connections. Why isn't this file from a completely different server given a download slot immediately?

Do I have some misunderstanding of the terminology you are using or am I perhaps missing some check-box setting in preferences?

11-07-2005 04:49 PM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Hello Gerard,
The iGetter Site Manager logic just checks if some segment exceeds a given site entry limit. We have a note for improvement of this logic, so for now you can just set a better position for non-Easynews downloads moving them up in the queue.

iGetter Support

11-08-2005 12:36 AM

Posted by:

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BTW: A hearty "thank you". I've been looking for a stable, simple download manager for some time. Not for the reasons most people do (speeding up downloads), but just for the queuing capabilities.

There's generally no need for me to have more than two active connections to any particular server/site but instead I want to be able to tag X number of files from a service and have them download sequentially. Safari has no "max download limit" and iCab is unstable for these purposes.

82 files, 4GB+, 436KB/s in 1 day 2hrs. I could get to like this program.

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