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Calendar Restore

Calendar Restore is a universal Windows 10 app that imports all calendar events from an iCalendar (.ics) file to Windows Calendar app.

Note: If app closes immediately after launch, then most probably your trial period has expired. Go to Windows Store app's page and look for an expired trial message above the "Buy" button. If you purchase the app then it will start properly. Microsoft is working on a proper alert that should appear in this scenario, instead of just closing the app.

Main features:

- Supports iCalendar (RFC5545) files with multiple events.
- All imported events appear directly in Windows Calendar app.
- Supports time zones. World events should appear in your local time.
- Creates a separate calendar in Windows Calendar app.
- Allows you to delete all imported events.
- Associates with .ics files in File Explorer.
- App doesn’t send any data to our servers.

How to use:

- Open the app and click on Import button, then select an .ics file. iCalendar (.ics) files may be stored anywhere on your SD card (external HDD), but only in the Pictures folder of your internal drive (this is a limitation for all universal apps).
- Also, you may double click on an .ics file in File Explorer. Calendar Restore should start and import all appointments. For example, you can save ics files from email attachments or your browser and then import them easily through this app.

Please, contact our support, if you need further assistance.

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