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March 3, 2022

Presenta Ltd. ("Presenta") respects your privacy. That's why we have created this Privacy Statement to explain how and why we or our software products identified below collect certain information. This statement also explains how you can prevent collection or transmission of certain information, if you choose. Please take a few moments to read our Privacy Statement.

This Privacy Statement covers your use of iGetter extension for Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and other browsers as well as iGetter application.

Types of information that iGetter application and browser extension collect

iGetter application and browser extension don't send any personal information to our servers. If you register your copy, iGetter will send its machine dependent serial number to us, during the activation (see Purchasing and Activation).


Both iGetter application and browser extension collect cookies available in your browser, but only cookies related to certain download link, that you want to add to iGetter application for downloading. iGetter then sends this cookie information to the corresponding download server, when you start the download. The web site where your download link originates, must have a privacy policy explaining how they use your personal information. We do not have access to or control over cookie information.
You can prevent transmission of cookies, if you turn off "Send cookies from browser" option, available at iGetter Options, Integration panel. If this option is off, iGetter will not send any cookie information to the download's server, but this may prevent a download from occurring.

Types of Information We Collect

Log Files

In the limited cases when iGetter connects to our servers (i.e. during updates checking), we do log your IP address (the Internet address of your computer) for the purposes of ensuring network and information security. But we do not link your IP address to anything personally identifiable. If you use the "Check for new version" function, iGetter application will send to us the version of iGetter as well as the version of operating system you are using.

Purchasing and Activation

Presenta strives to maintain strict security for your private information. Our online ordering pages provide a secure means of ordering our products. We do not maintain any credit card information at Presenta. If you purchase iGetter from our WebStore, please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Sale available on the order page.
If you purchase iGetter from the Windows Store (using the Microsoft purchase API) you must comply to Microsoft terms and conditions, about iGetter installation and ordering. We don't receive any personal information about your order in that case.
If you use the "Purchase" button or select "Web Store" menu command in iGetter, it will send the serial number of your current iGetter copy to our Web Store, so you can activate iGetter after the purchase. If you use the iGetter "Activate" function, it will send to us the serial number of your current iGetter copy. In addition, both functions will send to us your iGetter version and the version of operating system you are using.

Technical Support

Any personal information you provide to us in the course of obtaining technical support, or asking other questions about Presenta will be used only for the purposes for which it was submitted. We may store the information, but we will not use it for any other purposes or disclose it to any third parties.

Postings on Presenta Forums

It is important for you to remain aware that when you provide personal information (e.g., name, email) in a posting on any message board, that information is available to any other person or user having access and use of that message board, and may be used by someone in a manner unintended by you.

Right to Change Policy

As Presenta is constantly innovating and enhancing the products and services it provides to its users, this Privacy Statement will also continue to change to match the products and services we make available. As such, we reserve the right to change this statement to match the products and services we provide. If we make any material change to this statement, we will change the date at the top of this statement to reflect the effective date of the change. When you visit our site or use our products and services, we encourage you to check the date of this Privacy Statement to ensure you are aware of any updates.

However, regardless of how this Privacy Statement may change or evolve over time, Presenta will not collect or maintain your private and personally identifiable information without your consent. Further, if you consent to give us your personal information, we will keep it confidential and will not sell, license or disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent, unless we are compelled to do so under the law or to comply with a court order.

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